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Wholesale deals on Packwoods Classic Blunts Prerolls (Mix and Match)


Wholesale deals on Packwoods Classic Blunts Prerolls (Mix and Match)



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What are Packwoods Classic Premium Blunts (Prerolls)?

Our Packwoods Classic Blunts contain two grams of indoor flower. hand broken, hand rolled, infused with high potency concentrate, dusted in kief, rolled in a 100% totbacco free Packs wrap with a glass filter.

Available Strains:

* Purple Punch
* Wedding Mintz
* El chapo
* sfv og
* Truffle
* Venom og
* Blow pop
* Gorilla cookies
* Chery Souffle
* apple Mintz
* Black Jack
* Banana Macaroon
* Cherry Ak-47
* Gmo cookies
* Pop Rocks
* Grapefruit Kush
* Purple Zaza
* ice cream
* Orange Eruption

What is Inside?

> 2 Grams of premium flower. Top shelf, lab tested, hand brokenm never ground.

> High potency concentrate. Strain specificm extract infused flower.

> Dusted in Kief. Indoor grown, strain specific, dry sifted trichomes.

> 100% Tobacco free wrap. Our innovation based on the composition of a natural leaf, slow burning and smooth.

> Glass filter. A consistent and smooth draw from start to finish.

> Where to shop Packwoods pre rolls. You can get Packwoods Classic Blunts Prerolls online from our store.

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