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Space X Strain


Space X Strain.
Space X Cannabis Flavor, also known as alien Buds Or Elon Musk Weed Flavor, is an extremely potent cross between the Alien Dog strain and the LPPK. This makes the strain an Indica dominant hybrid. It had high THC, CBD, and CBN levels of 27, 0.69, and 0.53 percent, respectively.

Space X Weed Strain Information.
Hybrid Strain 40% Sativa 60% Indica
TOTAL THC: 27%, Pass

Why We Love Space X Marijuana Strain.
This strain provides a cerebral high that feels extremely soothing and relaxing to the body and mind. ”Straight to the moon” they say you go after smoking this trending weed strain.

Some Medicinal Uses of Space X Cannabis Flowers.
A few of the most common medicinal uses of this strain include treatment for migraines, spasms, PMS, insomnia, and fatigue. It is also used to recover one’s appetite.

Space X Buds Effects On The Mind & Body.
It puts the smoker in an extremely euphoric and lazy state of mind. It makes the smoker extremely talkative. This is one of the reasons why it is prescribed to people with social anxiety. The aroma of space X kush is much like any other kush strain but there is a noticeable oregano smell. The smoke is smooth and tastes mild with some earthy undertones and a slight hint of rosemary at the end.

Where to Buy Space X Weed & What it Looks Like.
Buy Space X Cannabis flowers from the legit Cali Plug, discreetly worldwide. In terms of appearance, this strain looks medium (mossy) Purp with light orange hairs. It feels sticky when held, almost moist, with little or no crystals.

Space X Weed Flavor Warning
It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. For use by individuals 21 years of age or older or registered qualifying patients only. Keep out of reach of children. National Poison Control Center

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