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PLUS Hi-Cubes Indica Apricot


PLUS Hi-Cubes Indica Apricot



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About this product

Introducing the most concentrated gummy on the market, PLUS Hi-Cubes!
Pound for pound, gram for gram, Hi-Cubes is the David to the Goliaths in the gummy game.

Packing 2x the THC per piece, Hi-Cubes brings you more bang per bite with the most condensed, most intense high you can get in a gummy!

PLUS Hi-Cubes is made with whole plant, Full Spectrum Oil to provide a wide array of the cannabis compounds and evoke that entourage effect we want.

10mg of Full Spectrum Oil is crammed into every bite sized cube, leaving less room for fluff and fillers. Hi-Cubes is a hard hitting bite with less BS than the leading competition.

Less BS means fewer calories, carbs and less sugar than other gummies! Hi-Cubes gives you more of what you want, less of what you don’t.

Hi-Cubes spans the spectrum, giving you a choice of effects in two terrific flavors! For a relaxing way to unwind, try the intensely delicious Indica Apricot!

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