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Diamond Glaze


Diamond Glaze Weed Strain
Diamond Glaze’s high sets in relatively quickly with a weightiness in the core and limbs, leading smokers to seek refuge in the closest comfortable surroundings. The diamond glaze strain is an Indica dominant hybrid with 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. Consumers may find themselves more relaxed and able to breathe more deeply and easily. There are also some subtle mental effects that can lead to amplified sounds as well as visual distortions. Such trippy vibes can be great for watching TV or listening to some immersive, atmospheric music. Diamond glaze weed strain can also make even experienced cannabis users giddy — extended fits of giggling are not uncommon. Throughout all this stimulation, a strong body stone persists, making smokers unlikely to engage in active pursuits like exercise or even house cleaning. That said, because of its ability to affect both body and mind, the Diamond glaze kush can serve as an effective aphrodisiac. Because it is more sedative than energetic, Diamond glaze strain is perhaps best enjoyed in the evening or just before bed when its slow burn of relaxation can be fully appreciated.

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