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Cali Plug Sweet Tartz Carts


Cali Plug Sweet Tartz Carts

Cali Plug Sweet Tartz Carts is a hybrid cross between two flavor powerhouses. The powerhouses in question are Chernobyl and Blueberry. Its Chernobyl parent is a sweet-smelling hybrid strain with floral and lime flavors, while the Indica Blueberry lends deep notes of fruit and berry. Sun-grown at the Northern California Hillberry Farms, Sweet Tartz offers long-lasting euphoric effects that focus themselves cerebrally.

This honor-winning blend assumed the first position at the 2016 Emerald Cup and first Place Indica at the 2015 Cannabis Cups in San Francisco and in Michigan. The thick colas detonate in a range of light green shades and discharge a sweet, tropical mix of organic product flavors.

The impacts of Sweet Tartz are quieting, leaving purchasers engaged, alert, and cheerful while loosening up the body to help loosen up any season of day.

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
THC: 13% – 15%

This bud packs a powerful flavorful punch. Sweet Tartz has a super fruity aroma of sweet tropical earth with a slight herbal effect to it. The flavor is even better, with a sweet berry taste that has a crisp tropical citrus aftertaste that lingers on the tongue long after you finish smoking.

The Sweet Tartz is just as enticing as its taste, although it is relatively mellow in nature. It starts with an uplifting head buzz that leaves you euphoric and creatively inspired but not anxious or overwhelmed. This is accompanied by a relaxing body buzz that slowly spreads throughout the body and to your very fingertips, leaving you completely calm and pain-free without limiting your movement.

A mild sleepy effect will wash over you upon the comedown, although it won’t put you to sleep. These effects make Sweet Tartz the perfect choice for treating patients suffering from conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, mild cases of depression, chronic stress or anxiety, and inflammation.

This bud has large and lumpy pepper-shaped dark olive green nugs with sparse rich amber hairs and a thick frosty coating of tiny crystal white trichomes.

Effects of Sweet Tartz-
54% of people report feeling relaxed

39% of people report feeling happy

30% of people report feeling euphoric

28% of people report feeling uplifted

21% of people report feeling sleepy

Dry mouth
16% of people report feeling dry mouth

Dry eyes
8% of people report feeling dry eyes

2% of people report feeling anxious

2% of people report feeling dizzy

2% of people report feeling headache

Helps with-
18% of people say it helps with stress

16% of people say it helps with anxiety

14% of people say it helps with depression

12% of people say it helps with pain

9% of people say it helps with insomnia

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Number of Carts

100, 300, 500


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