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cali o strain

cali o strain

West Coast Cure is pleased to offer its Açaí Kush cultivar–a unique variety with tantalizing effects and phenomenal flavor. This Hybrid is forested in resinous trichomes and supplies a smooth, even-burning smoke with every toke.

Indica flower

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Buy cali o strain at the most affordable prices from the cali plug shop. We also have available on stock the famous cali o strain Kingpen at bulk prices. NB mix strain orders available. Cali o strain, also known as California Orange Bud or C.O.B., is a hybrid of balanced Indica and Sativa composition. Created in the 1980s before growers were able to discuss or trademark their strain genetics online, California Orange has undetermined parentage. Undeniable, however, is its fresh citrus scent. Although THC content is relatively low at 10 to 15%, this strain is known for a potent mental high.

Buy cali o strain has a tight, leafy bud structure. Leaves are pale green and so covered with trichomes as to appear matte in texture – when broken open, the buds are even sticky inside. The smell is initially pungent and skunky, with a strong citrus base – this strain has a very high concentration of the terpene linalool, an odor compound found in other fragrant strains like Violet Delight and Lavender. Burned, the flowers have a spicy, clove-like scent. The smoke is smooth and has a sweet aftertaste.

This strain presents a primarily clearheaded, mellow high. Feelings of calm settle in quickly, accompanied by an elevation of the senses. Cerebral without being too intense, California Orange aids creativity and focus, making it beneficial for anxiety and attention deficit disorders. The mental uplift exists alongside some mild physical relaxation; the Indica body high is evident in larger doses of the strain.

California Orange can be grown indoors or outdoors. Plants can reach 6 feet tall and tend to prefer a consistently sunny natural climate. Flowering happens outdoors as late as early November and indoors in 9 to 11 weeks. This strain’s versatility makes it easy to clone by replanting clippings from mature plants.

Type of High
Cali o marijuana strain induces strong cerebral euphoria. Boosts focus, uplifts mood, prompts social interactions and giggles. Followed by moderate sedation and laziness. Stimulates appetite, controls pain and seizures. May cause couch-lock.
The genetic origins of Cali o cannabis strain are unknown.

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