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Butane/BHO Oil/Honey Oil


Butane/BHO Oil/Honey Oil


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Okay, into the more involved processes.

BHO, Butane Hash Oil – sometimes referred to as Butane Honey Oil, was originally made through a process called “blasting” or “open blasting” which is really not done commercially anymore but is often the cause behind at home manufacturing explosions.

This technique is outdated, to say the least. During the butane extraction process, gas passes through a tube open at one end, often made of glass, stainless steel or PVC, which is filled with cannabis plant matter.

A low temperature, liquid butane passes over the plant matter, is collected at the other end and crystallizes the resins in the cannabis. The butane is then left to evaporate, by heat or vacuum oven, and what is left over is known as BHO.


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