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Cali Plug packaging.

Cali Plug packaging.

Today, packaging Cali buds and Cali Carts have become a real multimillion-dollar industry. Californian-based cannabis entrepreneurs need packaging that can stand the numerous tests of today. Considering the effects non-biodegradable products have on our environment, the Cali Weed Plug produces biodegradable packages to fight climate change.

The Cali plug is running faster than time by having china packages done in an environmentally friendly manner.
Cali Plug is part and parcel of a “Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Incubator Program” to provide financial incentives for businesses to create “compostable and biodegradable cannabis packaging materials.” After extended works, we have resolved to make packaging that contains at least 30 percent hemp.

Cali Plug China packaging orders.
We have studied and resolved to use a part of the Cali plug net worth to invest in biodegradable packages. The packaging shall be manufactured out of hemp. There is no other natural resource that offers the same environmental, agricultural and economic potential as hemp.
Our project is squared in a way that will help us tackle the climate crisis, give our little farmers a competitive edge, and empower upstate economic development.” Our packages for all Cali weed products are currently being manufactured in China by professionals who understand and respect the whole plan.

Cali Plug Packaging and sizes.

The are a number of weed shops proving top quality Cali buds for the cunsumers around the world. Customers also are worried sometimes about the amount they need to pay to get real cali buds delivered to them. The cali plug came up with various sizes of bud packs to match the finacial state of each customer. Below are some bud bag sizes you will find on our shelves.

Cali 3.5g packs

Cali Packs 7g

Cali pack 14g

Cali Packs 28g/oz

Cali 1lb/pound bag

Emty Cali bud packs/Bags

Customers Can order empty cali weed bags for their own personal use. Some retailers in the UK and France order pounds of weed and then retail them buds. The buds can be distrubuted in smaller customized bud bags for proper and swift swapping locally. The Cali Weed Plug will provide you with access to bud packs of all trending californian-based weed brands.

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