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Buy Cali Plug Bags

Buy Cali Plug Bags

Buy Cali Plug Bags Online
The best Californian-based bud bags are available on the shelves of your legit and genuine supplier of top Cali’s finest flowers. We are also carriers of Cali Edible bags for your health and recreational needs. Visit the real Cali Plug Website

What are Cali plug bags?

Cali plug bags, also known as Cali bud bags, Cali weed bags, bud packs, or Cali bags refer to high-grade Californian cannabis products. They are properly treated and sealed in customized bags. These bags are mostly ordered and labeled out of China for Californian weed brands. Here, we are talking about those china packaging orders.

Cali Plug bags aka Cali bud bags are part of the urban lifestyle today when it comes to hemp. These packs are making history in almost every part of the world. If you visit our shops online, you will find a great variety of the most demanded Cali bud packs and brands.

Some of the most outstanding and amazing brands with Cali bud packs include:

Cali Cookies bags

Connected Cali bags

Cali Lemonade

CBONB aka Cali Bud or No Bud Bags

Cali Plug Bags Packaging and weight

Every Cali pack brand and strain has a unique packaging and labeling that projects the uniqueness of each and every one of the packs. Meanwhile, these packages are being made today with at least 30 of the raw materials being hemp.

This initiative is aimed at helping out walk in line with the global efforts to fight climate change. You can find bus sealed properly in bags of:






Cali Packs Prices/cost

Cali bags prices will depend largely on the weights labeled on the bags and the brand producing the buds. A gram of some proper Cali bud should cost around $14 within the USA. Our regular buyers out of the UK get those 3.5g Cali weed bags for around 28GBP. The 7g and 14g have been selling for in Europe and Australia for almost similar to the prices in the UK.

Cali Bud Nutter Butter

Cali Bud Nutter Butter

Cali Bud Nutter Butter Strain.
Cali Nutter butter cannabis strain is a perfect cross between f1 Peanut Butter Breath and Grateful Breath. This top-shelf indoor cannabis flavor is not just any type of Indica dominant hybrid strain. The Indica dominant hybrid is good to end your day with.

Cali Bud Orange Juice

Cali Bud Orange Juice

Cali Bud Orange Juice Strain
Buy Cali Orange Juice bud online. Top shelf indoor cannabis strains. Cali Orange Juice is an influential cannabis Sativa dominant hybrid strain cross with strawberry and grape ape.

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