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Big Al’s Exotics packs are making their way to the top of the Cali pack pyramid. Weed legalization has improved the standards of head shops. It has also empowered bud lovers patients and businessmen. Big Al’s Exotics is one of the most ordered of Top brand Cali packs today. You will find all strains of this brand on Cali Plug shelves and you can order online.

Big Al’s Exotics Bags flavors/strains

Big Al’s packs come from various strains. we shall be focused on strains in 3.5g bags. Below are some of the most wanted and rated of Al’s Exotics Cali packs.
Big Al’s Exotics Northern Fiore Cali Bud Bag
Al’s Exotics Crushers Gushers Cali Bag
Big Al’s Exotics Gush Mints Flavour
Al’s Exotics La Chron cannabis strain
Big Al’s Exotics Showtime Cali pack
Al’s Exotics Street Heat Cali Bud pack
Big Al’s Exotics Ting

Big Al’s Exotics bud packs Prices

Al’s Exotics bud prices will depend largely on three factors:
1 Where the customer is located
2 The quantity of buds needed.
3 The wanted delivery time frame.
-There is always some price increase in discounts located away from California and USA in general. However, there are some special Cali plug Offers with benefits for each and every global citizen.
-The quantity of Big Al’s being ordered will drastically modify the pricing of these exotic bud packs. The more you buy, The cheaper you pay/Cali pack. Contact us now for bulk deals.
-Cali Plug delivery services offer regular and express delivery. The faster the delivery time frame, the more expensive it becomes.

Al’s Exotics weed packaging/sealing.

Al’s Exotics buds are properly sealed for conservation and transportation by the Cali weed plug. Sealing is professionally done by experts for buds being shipped out to customers at locations where weed is illegal. Techniques such as Tripple vacuum sealing and more are used to avoid smell detection. Special oils and perfumes are also used to super mask any escaping smell. Due to proper sealing/packaging, delivery is bound to come through within due time.

Medical uses of Al’s Exotics weed

Ali Exotics bud flavors are known for helping with the following
Severe anxiety

Big Al’s Exotics cannabis Delivery

Delivering Big Al’s bud bags has never been this easy considering how professionally sealing is done. The fundamental plan is to discreetly ship and deliver these top buds within a little time. Delivery time depends so much on where the customer finds themselves. Delivery time would also spend on which shipping mode is chosen and paid for by the Cali plug customer.
Shipping modes include regular and express shipping. Regular shipping will take its normal course for the parcel to be delivered. Meanwhile, Express shipping will take less time with accelerated shipping so Cali plug delivery comes quicker.

Big Al’s Exotics empty buds packs
You can customize and order empty Big Al’s Exotics Cali Bud packs for your own business here at very good prices.
Let the flowers fly off the shelves

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